Calm Kids - 50 servings

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We’ve formulated a fantastic blend for little ones with big emotions. This blend is backed by extensive scientific research and is an extremely safe, non-addictive formula that calms the problem from the root. Sometimes we just need a little extra help with self-control  ❤️

Other ingredients: organic fruit powders, organic gum acacia, glycerine, & distilled water.


1-3 year olds get 1/2 a teaspoon

4-6 year olds get 1 teaspoon

7-10 year olds get 2 teaspoons

11+year olds get 3 teaspoons

Doses can be given as needed.

Please note, NAC has a very distinct taste to it.


Customer Reviews

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Sarah Rakowitz
Been Great for my neurodivergent kids!!

Love the liquid version so it's super easy to mix in with juice. Helps my kids anxious tendencies and ability to focus on a subject for homeschool lessons. It does taste awful because of the nac but it is such a helpful supplement for Autism that it's worth it if your kids will take it. We mix with orange juice and they always finish it.

Karen Smith
Calm Kids

Not sure why this product smells like tuna but it's a big turn off for kids...

Hi Karen,

It's the NAC. It doesn't have a great smell but the benefits are worth it!