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Chewable Methylated B-Complex Defense - Tropical Fruit

Chewable Methylated B-Complex Defense - Tropical Fruit

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Ward off illness with B vitamins! This powerful vitamin raises leukocytes making it absolutely impossible for a pathogen to take hold. B vitamins are important for the creation of blood cells and energy within the body - many enzymes within the body cannot do their job without B vitamins present! We have formulated a b-complex that is safe for MTHFR mutations. The forms of vitamins used within this complex are highly absorbable, plus, our tropical flavor blend tastes delicious!

*Please note, Chewables offer a highly concentrated flavor due to their size. For those seeking a product with greater customization, we recommend our B-Complex Powder, which enables you to adjust the flavor by adding more or less water to your liking.

Per serving:

Vitamin B1 as thiamine HCL 25mg

Vitamin B2 as riboflavin 25mg 

Vitamin B3 as inositol nicotinate 200mg

Vitamin B6 as P5P 25mg   

Vitamin B8 as inositol nicotinate 50mg 

Vitamin B9 as L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate 600mcg 

Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin 100mcg

Biotin as d-biotin 200mcg 

Pantothenic acid as calcium d-pantothenate 50mg 

Choline as choline bitartrate 50mg 

Other ingredients: Organic Fruit Powder, Organic Gum Acacia and Natural Fruit Flavors, Fructose & Magnesium Stearate

Dosing Suggestion: Take 2 Chewables daily. 30 Chewables per bottle. 

 Common Questions

1. Is B complex powder or B3 Chewables better? 

B-complex is excellent for once a day. B3 is something that should be taken in higher doses. Most humans have a dependency, rather than just a deficiency, which means we need a steady flow of higher amounts of B3 for good health.

2. What flavor are these?

Tropical Fruit!

3. Are these safe for kids?


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love this B complex! Flavor is not bad at all!


We love this and they are methylated for my mthfr kids


Minimal taste. Great product.

Jill Belzer
Great taste!!

These B complex chewables taste great!! Have always looked for a B complex that has a better taste. This tropical fruit chewable is the best!! Just started taking but I'm sure it will help my energy level too!!