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Chewable Allergy Defense

Chewable Allergy Defense

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Our best selling Allergy Defense is now offered in chewable form! Revitalize Wellness used scientific research and case study experimentation to come up with a product that's sure to support the body through allergy season. This blend contains important micronutrients that work to ease suffering associated with seasonal allergies and help the body build up a natural immune response. 

*Please note, Chewables offer a highly concentrated flavor due to their size. For those seeking a product with greater customization, we recommend our Allergy Defense Powder, which enables you to adjust the flavor by adding more or less water to your liking.


Take 5-10 Chewables daily. 

Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid, Bromelain, B3 as Inositol Nicotinate, Inositol as Inositol Nicotinate, Quercetin, NAC as N-Acetyl Cysteine, Organic Fruit Powder, Organic Gum Acacia and Natural Fruit Flavors, Fructose, Stevia, & Magnesium Stearate.


*Your bottle is likely to arrive with some powder on the bottom, this is normal due to production 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chelsey Simerly
Great taste

My kids much prefer these over dhist jr supplement…love the sweet tart taste!


Excellent products! I’ve already reordered products!!

Michelle M
Our family favorite

This one is the family favorite. Best tasting to us. Great product. Definitely recommend.

Sara G

This review is for the Orange version of the allergy defense. I was really looking forward to using this product because of the great ingredients but it is so unbearably sour. I mostly bought them for my kids and after two tries, they refuse to take it. It’s hard for me to take it too. Bummer.

Hi Sara,

We're so sorry to hear you aren't loving the Chewables. Ascorbic Acid is naturally quite acidic/tart, and being in a small Chewables form, they are very concentrated so the tartness will be much stronger. We do offer Sodium Ascorbate Chewables which are more 'salty,' but you may find our powder products to be better suited for your family :)

Zuleyka Mendez
Allergy defense

First time buying them. My daughter is going to try them to see if it helps with her allergies. They taste good. Package was well sealed. Love natural products.