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Fine Powder Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid

Fine Powder Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid

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High quality & GMO-free fine powder Vitamin C as ascorbic acid, picked for its purity. 

​The benefits of this vitamin are endless. Because there is no toxic dosage it can be taken safely in high doses to eliminate oxidative stress.

  • Immune System Support
  • Electron Donor
  • Healthy Skin Promoter
  • ​Improves Gut Health

Scrub-a-dub-dub, add 1 tsp to your bathwater to help neutralize chlorine 🛁 

Ingredients: Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid. 454 Servings. Fine AA, 100 mesh.

Available in 1lb, 5lb and 25lb* sizes

*Please note, the 25lb bulk option comes wrapped in food grade plastic, and is placed inside a large box.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 247 reviews
Serena Beckett

This works just as I expected it to, although I will say that finding my tolerance using the powder is a little tricky, especially since I think 15 minute increments are too close together for the rate at which my body metabolizes. But that’s not necessarily a commentary on the powder itself - the powder arrived very quickly, and is everything I need it to be for high dose Vitamin C. Taste is like adding lemon juice, so I’ve found it good in water and iced tea, and it dissolves nicely but I also use a little milk frothed to help it all distribute faster, and that works perfectly

Handy source for vitamin c

I really like this vitamin c powder. It dissolves easily and tastes good. It is easy to use when I take my regular medications and will replace bulky tablets when I travel.

ICE Lisa Clouse
Vitamin C powder

I have ordered this powder before and was happy with my purchase. The last bag I ordered was clumpy and had a texture more like cornstarch. And it didn’t dissolve very well. Not sure if I will order this again. The jury is still out on this product for me.

Hi Lisa,

When AA is manufactured, it's cycled through water. Sometimes we get batches that haven't been cycled enough, while this doesn't impact potency, it does make the powder less fine. It's still perfectly safe to use and just as effective :)


Great product. Good value and shipped very quickly.


Awesome product…..
Been using for years❣️