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Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Chewables - 60 Servings

Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Chewables - 60 Servings

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Revitalize Wellness brings you our best selling products, now offered in convenient Chewables! This delicious Fruit Punch blend is sour-free as it's made with Sodium Ascorbate 😋 Made for the kid, and kid-at-heart 😉

Each jar contains 60 servings. 10mm Chewable.

Ingredients: Organic Fruit Powder (Organic Raspberry, Organic Vanilla), Organic Gum Acacia, Sodium Ascorbate, and Organic stevia.

*Your bottle is likely to arrive with some powder on the bottom, this is normal due to production 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Too salty!!

I gave these to my kids for the first time. They gagged and spit it out. I thought they were being dramatic and my husband and I tried them ourself and did the same!! The taste is WAY too salty!

Hi Melanie,

Sodium Ascorbate is naturally more salty, many people opt for it when they don’t enjoy sour flavors. If your family likes tart/sour flavors, they will really enjoy our other Chewables that are not made with sodium ascorbate

My kids LOVE this chewable!

My boys have grown up on the fruit punch powder either mixed in water, made into popsicles or just licking the powder like a “pixie stick”. They LOVE the new chewables and pop them like candy!
Very pleased with this company for years now and they just keep expanding for our convenience. So happy!

Melissa Ebersole
Great product

This was to fill an order that the wrong product was sent. Fast reply to my email and fast delivery of the product. Love all the vitamin C products.

Michael Madden
Not great.

It did take about six weeks to receive the product. If I would have known that beforehand, I probably would have shop elsewhere.
After receiving my vitamin C, chewables, about 20% of the product was pulverized into powder on the bottom. I can still consume, but have no clue on the dosage. Overall, I am not very happy with this product.

Thanks for your feedback, we are sorry to hear you aren't enjoying the Sodium Ascorbate Chewables. I see here the order was placed 10/3 and delivered 10/29. This time of year we receive a large influx of orders as customers stock up in preparation for cold & flu season, because of this our standard turnaround time increases to about 3ish weeks. It is normal for some powder to be at the bottom of the bottle, if you would kindly provide us a picture of what you received, we'd be happy to offer some resolution :)