Organic Hydrolyzed Grass-fed Collagen - 500 grams / 17oz

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The benefits of collagen are endless: amino acid replenishment, metabolism regulation, increase energy, lubricate joints, rebuild connective tissues, promote healthier skin and reducing inflammation just to name a few! Amino Acids are essential for hormone, energy and neurotransmitter production within the body.  They act as chemical messengers between cells: encouraging growth, repair, and healthy digestion, our Collagen is full of Amino Acids! 

Enjoy our Hydrolyzed Collagen in either Organic Chocolate or Organic Vanilla powder. It can be mixed in your milk of choice, water, or even smoothies. 

Dosing Instructions
Take 4 tablespoons daily. When the body is ill or under stress, take up to 8 tablespoons a day.

Pregnant/Breastfeeding: Take 8 tablespoons daily.

Ingredients: Organic Chocolate or Organic Vanilla, Collagen

Each serving contains 10 grams of Collagen. Each bag is up to a 30-day supply.

Customer Reviews

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I love it, my only issue is trying to find what I can mix it with? I’m nursing so it says I need 8 tablespoons a day and I have been doing 4 with oat milk and I don’t want to drink two classes of oat milk a day since that’s a lot of sugar and I feel like the chocolate brand would only go with milk but I’m trying to stay away from dairy?

5 stars!

Great flavor and mixes in beautifully! There is sometimes a little bit of powder settled in the very last sip of the cup but I swirl the cup a bit and it mixes up again. No grittiness or strange processed flavor to deal with. Awesome product, and great price! New favorite product to recommend.