International & Shipping Acknowledgment | Waiver & Release of Liability

  • International Orders: I acknowledge that international orders may have duties and import fees and Revitalize Wellness is not responsible for said fees.

  • Shipping Fees: In accordance with USPS Shipping Fees, I acknowledge there may be additional shipping charges dependent upon quantity of items ordered. (We do our very best to fit as much into a shipping box or bag as possible, while still maintaining the integrity of the product(s)
  • Orthomolecular Coaching Services: In consideration for receiving coaching services from Katie Gironda and/or Marisa Perry Brager, Orthomolecular Practitioner ("coach"), and, in that process, being coached in Orthomolecular Health, I do hereby waive, release, and forever discharge my coach and her officers, agents, independent contractors, employees, representatives, executors, and all others from any and all responsibility or liability for injuries or damages resulting from my participation in any suggestions arising out of my participation in any activities and supplements under such coaching.

I do also hereby release all of those mentioned and any others acting upon their behalf from any responsibility or liability for any injury or damage to myself, including those caused by the negligent act or omission of any of those mentioned or others acting on their behalf or in any way arising out of or connected with my participation in any activities of wellness coaching. This includes other participant’s contributions and possible confidentiality breaches.

Coaching does not replace medical supervision and advice. Should a conflict arise between what a coach and what a doctor suggests, the doctor’s opinion should prevail.

Coaching can involve feelings of frustration, which accompany the process of change, and it does not offer any guarantee of success. Success will depend on my willingness to complete the agreed-upon assignments, my response to being challenged, and my desire to try new approaches.

By checking the associated box, I attest to my acceptance of the above terms.