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Increase melatonin levels naturally without the side effects of taking melatonin directly! If the body is not producing adequate amounts of this hormone it’s because you are lacking in precursors. Melatonin Defense provides the precursors necessary for the body to formulate its own melatonin naturally. 

Folate and vitamin B6 increase the production of seratonin, a precursor to melatonin. 
Scientific research concludes that zinc supplementation increases melatonin levels. 
Zinc & magnesium increase the production of melatonin from seratonin. 

Our Melatonin Defense is a winning combination for anyone trying to increase their melatonin levels naturally!

Customer Reviews

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Michelle M
Tastes real bad.... :(

This product may work great, I don't know. It probably does, we LOVE so many of other things we've gotten from Revitalize Wellness!
But we're a family of 7 and not one of us can get past the taste...

Hi Michelle,

We are so sorry to hear you aren't loving the Melatonin Defense Chewables; micronutrients don't always taste great but we do our best to make them enjoyable. You may try dissolving them in a little water and/or grinding them up and adding it to a flavored drink. We hope this helps!