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Greetings and Salutations!

It is with great pleasure, that I would like to announce a joint project of Orthomolecular Guy Nutritional Consulting and Revitalize Wellness-your home for the best orthomolecular supplements and vitamins money can buy. This project is a biweekly email newsletter/blog, with special weekend supplements to be added soon plus other projects once we get the kinks worked out. The heart behind this project is to save people’s lives with the simple yet profound message that underlies the art and science of orthomolecular nutrition: namely, that you can be your own doctor. “Physician, heal thyself’ has never been more true than in modern times, where we lucky souls can follow in the footsteps of the great heroes of this movement; Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr, Abram Hoffer, Dr. Fred Klenner, Dr John Cathcart, Dr. Andrew Saul, Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, Dr. Hugh Riordan, Dr. Thomas Levy, and many more. I mentioned these names to highlight the simple fact that this field of nutritional therapeutics was developed by a two-time Nobel prize winner (Pauling) and other PhDs, and open-minded   medical doctors who tested it in the lab, the clinic, the hospital room, and the delivery room, often with spectacular results.

Why focus on orthomolecular nutrition amongst the myriad of other modalities available? it is both the opinion and experience of the luminaries named above, and also yours truly, and of Katie Gironda who owns Revitalize Wellness, that orthomolecular nutrition is the safest and most affordable way to learn to be your own doctor and take care of yourself and your family. It saves lives, prolongs wellness, and prevents illness before it can take hold. It can heal the body, the mind, the gut, and extend longevity. But what is it anyway? What do we mean by orthomolecular nutrition? Well, like any form of nutritional therapy, it is all about correcting a nutritional imbalance in the body. For example, Drs. Hoffer and Pauling discovered that the vitamin b3 deficiency disease, which is called Pellagra, was more widespread than had previously been imagined. He found the same applied to the vitamin C deficiency disease called scurvy. They discovered that for many people, megadoses of these vitamins were required to prevent the mild, subclinical form of these two diseases and that radical cures in mental and physical health occurred, once the deficiencies were corrected. In my next post, I will tell my story of being cured by out-of-control allergies and chronic sinusitis after just 3 weeks on vitamin C. But the truth is that I had subclinical scurvy! Why? How did this happen? I believe that our modern environment puts constant stress on the body, due to exposure to toxic chemicals in our air, water, homes, and food-; as well as toxic and chronic stress in our work and lifestyles. All of these things lead to a chronic state of oxidative stress for millions and millions of people. When combined with a diet low in vitamin C (the case for the vast majority of humans on earth) it creates a deficiency state that leads to low-level scurvy. In frank scurvy, teeth fall out, scars and old wounds reopen, terrible skin conditions develop, and indeed people die of simply being depleted of vitamin C. This was famously the principal cause of death of sailors for centuries during the ages of sail. Due to their limited diet of ship’s biscuit and salted meats (which had
almost no vitamin C whatsoever) on transoceanic journeys, sailors dropped like flies until 1747 when Dr. James Lind, the first orthomolecular researcher, found that lemon juice (which is very high in vitamin C) prevented these deaths, and the sailors could be at sea for months in good health. The rest as they say, is history.

People very rarely die of scurvy today, although modern case history will find examples of frank scurvy from time to time in people who self-limit their diets to be severely vitamin C deficient. But what we do see, is an epidemic of subclinical scurvy. These are diseases known as heart failure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, allergies, poor immune systems, chronic fatigue, and countless more. It is my life’s  purpose, and Katie’s too, to disseminate the life-saving knowledge of how to take vitamin C, Niacin, and many other nutrients as far and wide as possible, and also ] as affordably as possible, so that as many people can enjoy a higher quality of  life, and a longer life than they could have imagined. Furthermore, we have just come through the worst pandemic in recent world history, and I believe the COVID-19 virus has taken an enormous toll on the physical and mental health of hundreds of millions. I personally have suffered from long-haul covid for the last two years, and believe with all my heart that I would not be here without vitamin C and other nutritional supplements such as NAC that have kept me going.

Just a little bit about me. I’m 45 years old and a father of 9. I spent my career up until now in the financial industry, but when nutrition changed my life I realized I wanted to spend my working life helping others heal too. This led me to get a master’s degree in functional nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, but the degree is really just a jumping-off point. I have been doing freelance nutritional consultation from a Functional and orthomolecular perspective for the last 5 years since I graduated and also applying my knowledge and experience to help keep our family going, along with my amazing wife Virginia who is a midwife and lactation consultant, and nutritional genius in her own right. This blog marks a new chapter in my journey as a nutritionist and my vision is that it becomes your preferred source for honest, thorough, comprehensible, and fun information on how to doctor yourself and your family.

Stay tuned! I’m the meantime let me thank this blog's sponsor, Revitalize Wellness for making this possible and a dream come true for me. But also thank you dear reader for the most valuable gift you offer-your time and your attention. I promise to waste neither.

Kevin Kirkpatrick, MS Functional Nutrition


‘Take C, until symptom free, no matter what the dose may be’ Dr. Andrew Saul


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