Fine Powder Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid 16oz

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One pound of high quality & GMO-free fine powder vitamin c as ascorbic acid, picked for its purity. 

*Immune System Support

*Electron Donor

*Healthy Skin Promoter

​*Improves Gut Health

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Scrub-a-dub-dub, add 1 tsp to your bathwater to help neutralize chlorine 🛁 

​The benefits of this vitamin are endless. Because there is no toxic dosage it can be taken safely in high doses to eliminate oxidative stress.

Ingredients: Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid. 454 Servings. Fine AA, 100 mesh.

All Revitalize Wellness products are free of corn, corn byproducts and GMO's.

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Customer Reviews

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Linda Bangert
5 star rating

Fine powder vitamin c has helped me dodge numerous colds and flu this past season. I am with my grandchildren every day and teach middle school. The amount of viruses I am exposed to is huge. I swear by the c powders and dose accordingly to how I am feeling, and who is sick at home!
Thank you for such great products.

Debbie Perry

Thank you for the safe delivery!

Stone Jennifer
Fine powder AA

My son takes this mixed with orange juice. Great AA and mixes well with a frother definitely will buy again

Lauren Elrod

Works very well and prevents me from getting sick! Even use it in my bath water to get rid of chlorine.

Jane Charnock
The best!

I’ve been taking this for YEARS. It’s my very favorite and an absolute staple in my daily routine. It dissolves completely and is easy to take. I mix some in a bit of water, swallow quick and chase with plain water. I do this a few times a day and am rarely sick. This is a fantastic, consistent product that I will buy for life