5 Pounds of Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid - FINE POWDER

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High quality & GMO-free ascorbic acid, picked for its purity. 

*Immune System Support

*Electron Donor

*Healthy Skin Promoter

​*Improves Gut Health

​The benefits of this vitamin are endless. Because there is no toxic dosage it can be taken safely in high doses to eliminate oxidative stress.

Ingredients: Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid. 454 Servings. Fine AA, 100 mesh. Our 5lb Bulk offers 2,270 servings per bag.

Larger orders have a longer shipping/processing time. 

Customer Reviews

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leslie scuderi
Be patient

I love having it instead of capsules or pills. So much easier to take. Should have called and asked you about its shelf life and storage recommendations before I purchased it but am asking now instead. Thank you

Hi Leslie,

Our powders are packed fresh so have a two year shelf life from date of purchase. We recommend storing them somewhere dark & dry, keeping them free of moisture to ensure longevity. Somewhere like a cabinet or pantry is perfect. You can opt to keep them in their original packaging, and just reseal after use, or transfer to an airtight container, something opaque is ideal but not necessary if it's stored away from light. Enjoy!

Naomi Horwood
Super Fine

Very impressed with how fine this powder is, it dissolves fast. When you take it directly in your mouth and chase with water it has the consistency of icing sugar. My kids ask for it every day.

Skyla Matthews
I love my 5lb bag of AA!

Best value to enjoy as powder or encapsulate myself! My kids eat it like candy.

Anna Anderson
Excellent product

Excellent produce, fast service

Rosemary A
Favorite C

Our favorite place to get vitamin c! Dissolves wonderfully.