Vitamin C Chewables - 60 Servings

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Revitalize Wellness brings you our best selling products, now offered in convenient chewables! These are sweet and delicious 😋 Made for the kid, and kid-at-heart 😉

Each jar contains 60 servings and offers 1,500mg of vitamin c per 5 Chewables. 10mm Chewable.

Ingredients: Organic Fruit Powder, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Organic Gum Acacia, and Organic Stevia (from crushed leaves)

*Your bottle is likely to arrive with some powder on the bottom, this is normal due to production 

Customer Reviews

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Chris N

So convenient and surprisingly delicious. They are like a SUPER sour sweet tart. My grand children 2, 5 & 7 take them daily.

Andrea H
The best flavor vitamin C EVER!!

I have been looking for the vitamin C that I got from a store called The CupBoard, since I was a kid! 30 years later I finally found it. But better. These are sour but vitamin C is citric acid! We need it for immune defense and to get my health off to a delicious start each day and my kids love it. Childhood nostalgia fulfilled!

Hi Andrea,

We are so happy to hear you found us! Vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid though, not Citric Acid

Carisa Cunningham
Still too sour :(

Unfortunately these are too sour for my 5yr old. I have the allergy defense ones they are pretty sour too, but he won’t even try them now. :(

We are going to try to get creative and see if they will dissolve into juice or something sweet.

This is ironic because he loves to lick lemons 🤷‍♀️

Hi Carisa,

So sorry to hear he's not loving the Chewables, Ascorbic Acid is naturally quite sour but we do our best to mask that through the yummy fruit flavors. You may find he enjoys our Sodium Ascorbate Chewables instead as they are more of a neutral flavor, they can be found here

Janet Koch
Love the convenience

I really like the fact you can take these chewables with you. Such a nice convenience. The taste is decent. Very sour. I think the description states that they are sweet and delicious. They are not sweet …. So if you don’t care for sour things this might not be for you. Overall I am pleased and would order again.

Hi Janet,

Thanks for the feedback! If you're looking for something less tart, so far we've been told that the Allergy Defense Chewables are the way to go. We hope this helps!

Update to 6/30/22 review

I received a replacement bottle of chewables today in the mail. They look much better. Almost no residual powder in the bottom of the bottle. Can’t wait to use them. Thank you for great customer service!