Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid 16oz - FINE POWDER

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One pound of high quality & GMO-free ascorbic acid, picked for its purity. 

*Immune System Support

*Electron Donor

*Healthy Skin Promoter

​*Improves Gut Health

​The benefits of this vitamin are endless. Because there is no toxic dosage it can be taken safely in high doses to eliminate oxidative stress.

Ingredients: Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid. 454 Servings. Fine AA, 100 mesh.

All Revitalize Wellness products are third-party tested. Certified free of corn, corn byproducts, and GMO's.

Bulk/larger orders will have an extended shipping&processing time. 

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Good product, comes highly recommended. Arrived quickly! 2 thumbs up!

Best aa powder out there!

I've ordered this fine powder multiple times. I've tried a few other brands and this one is the absolute BEST at dissolving completely. I won't waste my money on other brands again!

Med cabinet necessity

Just restocking our supply because I sent my last bag to my brother on deployment. We love this product and Revitalize Wellness! Best defense for fevers, colds, and all around immune support!


My whole family loves this powder. It’s a steal for the amount of servings in a bag, and the fine powder makes it really easy to high dose if necessary. Adding to a glass of water tastes like lemon water.

Powdered Ascorbic Acid

I had tried several types of Ascorbic Acid trying to find one that would not upset my stomach, to no avail. I can take Sodium Ascorbate with no stomach issues, but you can't get enough for wellness with Sodium Ascorbate. One of your employees recommended I try the powdered form of your Revitalize Wellness Ascorbic Acid, and I have taken three doses so far of 1/4 tsp. mixed in a little Body Armor hydration drink, and no stomach issues so far!!! YAY!!!!!! Thank you so much for this product for many of us who can't tolerate other types of AA.