Orthomolecular Laxative - 40 servings

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At the request of our friend, who is a pediatric gastro doctor, we've created a natural and effective blend designed to encourage proper gut health, without the harmful side effects of Miralax. Made from natural ingredients to support healthy digestive movement 🌱 Offered in our signature Fruit Punch flavor 😋

Ingredients: Magnesium as Magnesium Hydroxide, Organic Fruit Powder, Purified Water, Organic Glycerine and Love 💕

Dosing Guidelines: 6+ months - 2 years old: take 1/8 tsp - 1/4 tsp daily. Children 2-12 take 1/2 tsp - 1 tsp daily. This product is not intended to be stored in the fridge. Be sure to shake well before each use.

Please note, due to supply issues, this product will arrive in larger bottles; sometimes they are glass, sometimes they are food-grade plastic. The liquid is dense and is measured by weight, we assure you the weight is accurate despite the oversized bottle.

Product color variations: Sometimes the organic fruit will contain more anthocyanins (water-soluble pigments) which will turn blue-ish in an alkaline environment and pink in an acidic environment. Since magnesium is very alkaline, the color can come out more blue. Magnesium Hydroxide has a natural green tint to it. Since we use organic fruit powders, we cannot control the color as the anthocyanins will naturally vary. We do our best to make sure the taste is always the same though. One of the joys of working with organic, preservative-free products is the variations!

Customer Reviews

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Whitney Green
Works great!!!

Works wonders for my daughter!

Vanessa Henry
Works Great!

This stuff works so great. Used it on my 13 month old and it worked like a charm. Love it.

Charlamaine Butler
Works great, tastes great!

My 9 yr old suffers with extreme constipation and one 1/2 tsp dose helped him have a movement in no time. He loves the taste.

Works great, taste so/so

Purchased for my 8 year old....it works great to help with constipation, but she is not a huge fan of the taste. I'm grateful that it is in liquid form (easy to mix vs magnesium powders). Overall, a great product!